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Phone Numbers Directory of Sargodha University

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Phone Directory

Vice Chancellor9230811480
Additional Registrar9230909473
Additional Registar9230806500
Asst. Registrar Affiliation9230855503,607
Deputy Treasurer9230527492
Deputy Treasurer P/O9230110501
Treasurer Office9230809600
Deputy Treasurer (Expenditure)9230633508
Centeral library Staff92308647082
University College of Engineering and Technology9230804601
Director Planning9230287606
Consultant Pharmaceutical unit9230906611
Controller of Examination92307297302
Additional Controller Examination9230168595
Deputy Controller Examination92308577414
Deputy Controllor (Tabulation)9230858595
Manager HBL3768583410
University Telephone Exchange92030811-150
Director VOV F.M 98.29230768103
Carreer Development9230392105
Director Co-Cricular Activity9230073108
University Engineer9230220114
P.D Works9230537118
Directors Sports9230430119
Transport Officier9230664347
Data Center92030811570
IT Manager9230879570
Department of Bio Technology92030811116
Department of Arabic/Persian9230226117
Department of Health & Physical9230150305
Department Of Statistics9230574306
Department of Geology /Earth Science9230851307
Department of Geology /Earth Science92030811308
Department of Earth Science92030811309
University LAW College92030811310
Dean Faculty of Pharmacy9230807316
University College of Engineering92030811330
Department of Zoology9230556332
Department of Physics9230914338
Dean Faculty of Science9230608348
Department of Chemistry9230546350
Department of CS & IT9230879365
Department of Commerce0483008465372
Dean of Management Sci9230808376
Clerical Staff9230808377
Department of Economics9230816381
Department of Urdu9230325388
Department of Pol-Science & IR9230106390
Department of Education9230553396
Department of Psychology9230811398
Department of Food Science9230316401
Dean Faculty Of Sociology9230811408
Department of Math9230767416
Department of English9230346417
Director UMDC9230811442
Department of History9230811459
Department of Islamyat9230819460
Department of Mass Communication9230061465
Dean Faculty of Arts9230061466
Department of Fine Arts9230811468
Director Students Affiars9230811470

Examinations Office

Controller of Examinations Office048-9230729----
P.A to Controller of Examinations048-9230729 / 048-9230811- 8147302
Additional Controller of Examinations048-9230168 / 048-9230811- 8147403
Information Office048-9230858 / 048-9230805 / 048-9230811- 814486
Degree & Verification Branch ( Assistant Controller )048-9230811- 814519
Degree & Verification Branch ( Verification Section )048-9230811- 814515
Conduct Branch ( Assistant Controller )048-9230905 / 048-9230811- 814513
Conduct Branch ( Theory Section )048-9230157 / 048-9230811- 8147024
Conduct Branch ( Practical Section )048-9230905 / 048-9230811- 814511
Tabulation Branch ( Assistant Controller )048-9230811- 8147022
Tabulation Branch ( BA / BSc Section )048-9230811- 814526
Tabulation Branch ( MA / MSc Section )048-9230811- 814527
Tabulation Branch ( Professional Exam Section )048-9230811- 8147405
Term Branch ( Incharge Term Branch )048-9230856 / 048-9230811- 8147400
Term Branch( Computer Section )048-9230811- 8147408
Semester Branch ( Assistant Controller )048-9230811- 814476
Semester Branch ( Computer Section )048-9230811- 8147409
Secrecy Branch ( Assistant Controller )048-9230605 / 048-9230811- 8147397
Secrecy Branch ( Rechecking & Billing Section )048-9230811- 8147395

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