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Adobe Connect Enterprise 9.7.5 - Web Conferencing and Virtual Classroom

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Various titles such as the Presidential Publishing System, the Macromedia Breeze, and the Adobe Acrobate Connect Pro, and has been renamed its new name Adobe Connect in recent years. Using the program, you can organize any kind of online meeting on the web, including webinar hosting, online classes, conferences, and more. This product is fully based on the other technology of the company, Flash. Using connectivity can be a complete interaction with the people present at the meeting. With the help of whiteboard, audio and video and interactive slides, all the members .present a complete explanation of the subject This product is based entirely on Adobe Flash. Moreover the users of this software will be able to sound and image with high speed transfer can Other features of the program, such as the possibility of attending a few sessions online Virtual simultaneously, film screenings for other people, using whiteboard, Also, use text .communication (chat), file sharing, remote control, and so forth

Adobe Connect features
1. The user interface is very simple and fluid 

2. Full customization of rooms and classes 

3. VoIP support 

4. Possibility to hold audio and video conferences 

5. Possibility to record sessions 

6. The ability to share desktop users 

7. Whiteboards and accessories such as netting and chat with users 

8. Manage users, administrators, and report from them 

9. The possibility of centralized data sharing for sharing session members 

10. Possibility to determine the quality of picture and sound for coordination 

and more....

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