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Adobe Bridge CC 2019 v9.0.3 / 9.0.3 Mac - Photo Manager

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You can easily edit the batch of images and add watermark to them. Adobe Bridge has the ability to edit central color images and organize organized media files. It's always a blessing for photographers and designers to have a regular archiving and archiving of images and other graphic documents, and it's a great help for quick and accurate access to the document. Adobe Bridge is considered one of the Digital Asset Management programs, and the Bridge is the communication between Adobe .software to display and organize their outputs With Adobe Bridge software, you can easily archive, organize, edit, and place watermarks on your photos. You can also manage all your photos individually and batch. The latest version of the Adobe Bridge CC software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions. With this software you are able to manage the collection of your own photos and edit their batch. You will be able to edit the batch of photos , add batch copyrights to the images and focus-focused batch colors. The software has a .nice, simple interface and is the best tool for organizing your pictures

Adobe Bridge software features

1. Batch editor 

2. Add watermark in batch 

3. Find, filter, sort, and organize media files 

4. Organize photos 

5. Add Watermark to Pictures 

6. Ability to rate and categorize based on the color spectrum of photos 

7. Possibility to create panoramic or landscape images 

…And more....

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Password (if Asked) , MRT

Password (if Asked) , MRT

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