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Pak Army's response to India's breakdown, 7 Indian soldiers killed

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Rawalpindi: The Pak Army responded to the LOC on the LOC, killing 7 Indian soldiers in the operation.

According to ISPR, the Pak Army responded strongly to the Indian aggression and aggression of the Indian army, killing 7 Indian soldiers, 19 Indian soldiers were also injured in the operation, while several posts were also destroyed. .

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The ISPR has said that India's anti-aggression and firing process has increased during the last 3 days, but the Pak Army is responding to Indian and Georgian response. The Indian Army today targeted the population of the Khatya Raut on the Line of Control, and targeted the population of Indian Army, 18 years of age and three women were injured in the firing of the Indian Army, who have been moved to the hospital for medical assistance.

In a statement issued by the Office of the Office, the Indian Army has once again violated the line of control and the 18-year-old young martyr and three women were injured by Indian firing firing, the Indian Army Targeting civil citizens is condemned.

According to ISPR, the three soldiers, who were killed in the firing of the Indian Army last week, were handed over with a complete military honor.

It is clear that on the last day, the Indian Army fired on the Rola Kot Sector in Chakri, which resulted in the killing of three young army officers Mohammad Riaz, Lance Rakshad Azizullah and Soldier Mansoor.

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