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What I have learnt from creation of Allah.
We are all surrounded by beautiful and different creations of Allah. Each and every thing, Allah has made, teaches me something which I want to share with all of you.

Sun burns itself to give us light. It gives me a lesson to help others irrespective of what they have done for you.

Water teaches me to change with the time and don’t restrain yourself just because others make hurdles in your ways. Don’t be like stagnant water which after sometimes becomes contaminated but to go with the flow, keep improving and show the critics that you are more than what they assume you are.

Trees teach me to be strong and to remain intact with your roots because without strong roots you can never touch the heights.

Morning teaches me that there is always an end to darkness and negativity. So instead of mourning on darkness always hope for a brighter and positive morning.

Night teaches me to remember that you should always b grateful to what you have and never tease others for what they lack as every day is followed by a night.

Stars teach me to remain hopeful even in worst moments of my life as there is always a star shining even in the darkest nights.

Animals teach me to have faith in my kids and make them independent so they can learn and fight for their rights but always stand behind them to show others that they are not alone but guarded by you.

Birds teach me to have faith in Allah blindly as when they left their nests they don’t know what they will get today.

Seeds teach me to have faith in yourself. No matter how people look at you. Show them that you are much more than their assumptions. You have the power to change the world.

There is a long ongoing list like this but most of all every creation of Allah teaches me to be grateful to Him no matter what. And have immense faith in Him as He is the only one who can do anything and everything. Love Allah , Love yourself and love the creation of Allah.

P.S : Allah created everything for our comfort but now its our time to show respect and care to His creation.

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