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177(1) (Explanation on record / documents / books of account)

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177(1) (Explanation on record / documents / books of account)

177(1) (Explanation on record / documents / books of account)

177(1) (Explanation on record / documents / books of account)

Nowadays every one is receiving such mass emails with subject "177(1) (Explanation on record / documents / books of account)". Before doing anything you need to understand what it is, FBR is doing sampling on data based on what you have filled while submitting your declaration forms. 

Suppose your income is 100,000 and you paid 10,000 as (Note this is an example), however, while filing the returns you added expenses and other details and set your gross equals to your expenses.

Gross Income: 100,000
Outflow = 100,000

But you didn't care about what you already said you paid tax on 100,000 then your remaining amount will be 90,000. Your expenses should be equal to 90,000, not 100,000

In such cases, FBR sampling systems get those users who have such sort of difference in the filings and ask them to provide any evidence.

Then you should have the following action items:

1. Add the details in the content section of the task which is in the draft section of your account

See Screenshot:

Click on Contents tab:

Add your details, eg. That I am attaching my salary slips for an evidence, please have a look.

Now click on Attachments tab

There will be a + sign button click on it.
Click on the search icon and perform an empty search
Select the record from the result
Browse your salary slip for each month one by one and save it.

Once you are done with attachments of all the evidence, you need to save your task. after reviewing everything carefully you can submit the task.

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If you have any question you can comment on the post.

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