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A Final Kiss

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A Final Kiss

The snow falls gently on my face,
As the figure in my eyes slightly quickens her pace.
For it is cold outside and not unlike our love,
Which has chosen like the snow, to fall from above.

"We need to talk" she said to me,
"About what," I asked, thinking no, this cannot be.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head,
"There are just some things that need to be said."

"There's someone else that I love more."
My eyes are stinging, they hurt worse than before.

I try to stop my tears from falling,
But it's just too hard, I hear them calling.

She places a kiss upon my tear stained face,
My heart grows cool and slows its pace.

I let her go without putting up a fight,
I'll just let her do what she thinks is right.

Too hard to believe that it would end like this,
With those words, those tears and one final kiss.

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