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Parisa Tabriz Google's Security Force Commander

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Parisa Tabriz Google's Security Force Commander

Parisa Tabriz is most famous secret weapon of Google's security, she guards the world’s most valuable brands and companies. 

Parisa Tabriz is the Google’s most tough fighter, she is a young professional ethical hacker Google call her "Security Princess".

A white-hat ethical hacker, the Iranian/American hacker to paid for attack her own employer so that "bad guys" also known as the black hats (Hackers), don’t get chance first.

She is responsible to protect nearly one billion users of Google products mainly Chrome – Chrome is the most used internet browser on this planet earth.

Ms. Tabriz is thirty one is something prominent in Silicon Valley. Not only because she a woman but also a gender equality in the rising technology ocean but she is also heading more than 30 male experts from United States and EU.

Parisa Tabriz has power to be called "Security princess" on her Google's official business card provided to her. She appeared while participating in a conference held in Tokyo. She said as below.

"I am aware I have to show my card and I believe Information Security Engineers seems boring. Everybody took her so seriously on this ocean, after that security princess felt better to talk"

Start of this year, Google became 1st in Silicon Valley to open figures on the diversity of its own workforce. Statistics says only 30 females are there out of 100 staff members. 

She also said, "50 yrs. ago the statistics were similar of women in medicine and law, I am happy that has been changed" she also added "Technology is most fast growing than every field on this plant but lot of things still needs to be done"

She explained that she never faced any gender un-equality issue since she join in 2007. She was offered job from Google while she was just a student in college and male fellows told her this news. "You only got this opportunity because you are girl" one of male student said this in front of me while I was thinking rest are thinking like him too.

She added "I believe jerks are the one who tend to be more insecure, but these things couldn't stopped me to think about he might be right what he said." She added she likes to wear black color from top to bottom and she likes it ever. 

Parisa Tabriz, was listed one of the top 30 under 30 watch by Forbes Magazine in 2012. I believe lack of women in the Technology industry because they see themselves down. 

She added "A study done few years ago stats and questioned people who has been dropped from their computer science degree programs" Study says those women who left are tended to have a B- as an average and has reason that it's too hard. While men has average C grade found reason that they are not more interesting. 
Sheryl Sandberg former vice president of Google who is now COO at Facebook is one of the most high profile women says,

"Women itself un-intentionally under-estimate their own abilities, If you will do a bit research on Boys and girls you will see men has slightly high grades as compare to women" she added it in a TED talk few time ago. "It means they under-estimated their worth"

Miss Tabriz childhood was in Chicago with her Iranian later immigrant to US father, he is a doctor, her month is a nurse and polish later immigrant to American. Both mother and father are smart but don't have education of computer and are illiterate.

She was older sister of her two brothers and used to behave like a boss from early age. 

She added "My brother say I was a bully, but I played with them for their own games, sports and video games. I was older and it was easy for me to beat them up whenever I got a chance. With the passage of time when they grew up than I understand I can't beat them now, let’s wait for some other time."

She added "At earlier it was very hard for me to decide what I wanted to do, later in different career tests I tried to find my suit job but reached to a police officer option, I laughed at that moment but now I realized that I am doing the same protecting people's business same like police officer do"

She studying computer engineering from University of Illinois and never touch a computer till her first year of college.

She started reaching about the early ages hackers and found John Draper as an inspiring character who worked for US Air Force radar. Late in 1960 he discovered a way to make free longer area calls using a toy, the toy was able to emit 2600 hertz the same frequency used later by US's largest network to handle international calls. 

In today's era everyone has access to become a hacking, which makes handling of things a tough job.

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