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iPhone 8 by Apple is on Risk due to Battery destruction

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iPhone 8 by Apple is on Risk due to Battery destruction 

Apple's iPhone 8 appears to have a few issues. 

This is most likely a segregated occurrence, however it would seem that a specific iPhone 8 was very nearly a blast. The episode certainly helps us to remember Samsung's Note 7 disaster, which was to a great extent caused by compelled batteries. We as of late provided details regarding a specific iPhone that detonated while charging. Thusly, Apple has propelled a formal examination concerning the issue. Presently, a Chinese lady named Xiaomin kept running into some difficult issues after she cleared out her telephone to charge overnight. Obviously, she heard some breaking sounds and saw smoke leaving the gadget.

See what happened?

Admittedly, she may have made things worse when she poured water over it. This didn’t solve anything, as it did not stop the noise or the smoke emissions. After the incident, Xiaomin took some pictures of the broken iPhone and sent them over to Apple. She’s likely hoping for a replacement, but Apple has not issued an official statement just yet. Other users have reported receiving iPhone 8 phones with deformities out of the box. Reports regarding battery malfunctions are also surfacing. However, this is the first time that we heard about an iPhone 8 crackling and emitting smoke.

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