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Why is the sky blue?

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Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue? is most asked question on Google, to be honest i also asked google multiple times because this is the most common questions during interview when they ask this to judge the general knowledge of a candidate or may be they are trying to see what kind of observation candidate has.

There are couple of reasons why sky is blue. A clear understanding comes that sky has actual color white however due to some gases and light it seems blue. Normally sky has couple of colors combination in usual days, sometime it has red, white and orange combination and some time brown it really depends on whether and gases.

White light of the Sun as mixture of all colors of a rainbow. A demonstration has been done by Isaac Newton, who used a prism to show different colors from the spectrum. Colors of light can be differentiate wavelengths. The part of spectrum that is visible has range from red light with wavelength of 70 nm almost, toward violet with wavelength of 380 nm around, with orange to green, to blue and indigo between. Three different types of colors receptors in retina of human eye respond strongly to red or green or blue wavelength that actually give us an our color vision and we can see.

Following reasons also Cause change color of the Sky.

1. Tyndall Effect
2. Dust or Molecules?
3. Blue Haze and Blue Moon

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