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Pakistan to raise Kashmir Issue in UN meet up on Sept 21

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Pakistan to raise Kashmir Issue in UN meet up on Sept 21
Pakistan to raise Kashmir Issue in UN meet up on Sept 21
Pakistan to raise Kashmir Issue in UN meet up on Sept 21

After 60 years Kashmir issue is once again in discussion. Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan will in discussion in UN where world leaders meet in New York next week.

Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s ambassador to UN (United Nations) said that Pakistan will raise dispute when Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will speak during the UN general debate on Sept. 21... Right now that the dialogue process between India and Islamabad is no more in action, analysts saying that Pakistan has good stand to raise this issue in UN as Kashmiris are fight for their rights since few decades. Pakistan has very strong point where India is involved in Baluchistan terror.

According to Lodhi, "When talks has been stopped by India or its current govt than I think, Pakistan has to raise this Kashmir issue in UN and it is equally important for Pakistan as other important issues"

Lodhi also described that, it is very important for the International Community to listen Pakistan's voice and they must because they don't have any other choice. This is equally important for world to listen Pakistan to keep the peace in our region as Pakistan is already playing its rule to maintain the peace.

However Indian Ambassador to the UN said, Pakistan has right to raise issue, There is no restriction on anybody to raise issues of their interest in UN. They tried before as well and countries are not listening them.

Here I (writer) believe why countries will listen to Pakistan? As they have a joint venture to abolish humans from the earth. They have strong strategic interest with each other.
America is playing in Afghanistan and India is playing Blood war in Kashmir. Than why America will go against India.

The dialogue between Pakistan and India was suspended since Pathankot airbase by terrorists allegedly based in Pakistan however India couldn't provide a single evidence to show link with Pakistan. Two boys were under investigation however later on release due to insufficient evidence.

Meanwhile, Lodhi explained, “We will continue to raise Kashmir issue at every forum by every mean. We’ll make sure that the international community knows where we stands, and how the people of Kashmir look towards the United Nations (UN) to fulfill its obligation, which are long standing obligations,” she said. “This is an issue that, obviously the Prime Minister (PM) will raise Kashmir Issue with the secretary general of the United Nations (UN).”

Here comes a point in spite Pakistan's struggle to raise this issue on International Organization however UN can question India? America is already supported India in terms of statements which are given by Donald J Trump on the policy revival of Afghanistan. However China the future Super Power and Russia already discouraged/rejected the Donald J. Trump policy and advised that World should recognize the Pakistan's effort to demolish terrorists from the region. World should respect Pakistan that they have sacrifices more than world. America's policy is totally in Indian support. India is second famous Israel of America.

Conclusion: Good Luck Pakistan to defend their case of Kashmir. Where Kashmiris are praying to be part of Pakistan and wants referendum.

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