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how to download youtube videos

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how to download YouTube videos

There are hundreds of way to download YouTube videos. Following are the most useful ways to do that.

1. Internet Download Manager
Internet download manager is the most useful tool, it is the most useful and old tool in past and current. It simply allow you to download their setup and run on your computer, once you have run the setup it will automatically show you a download option once you visit the video on YouTube.
If you have visited the YouTube video and download option don't appears for you it means extension in your browser is not enabled to enable extension follow below steps.

In Chrome Go to top right side 3 dots location as showing in below image.
Click on it and go to More Tools > Extension make sure IDM extension is enabled see below screenshot.
Click on Enable and this should be checked in order to enable downloading through IDM.

In above video screenshot it shows Download this video option at the top, you need to click on it and it will download your video.

2. Savefrom.net

This website is also very simple and easy to use. open this website in your browser go to YouTube and copy url of your video as showing in below screenshot.

Once URL is copied paste this in savefrom.net website as showing in below screenshot.

Once you place url it will automatically show a thumbnail of your required video. Select Resolution and Audio or video type and Click on Download and you are done.

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