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Complete Guide how to set up a WordPress in your local machine

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Complete Guide how to set up a WordPress in your local machine

Before you setup a WordPress you need to have following things first.

1. A server (XAMPP, SAMP, Vertigo) and couple of other servers are available now, however i will recommend Xampp.
2. A download WordPress package/zip file that can be obtained under download section of WordPress dot org.
3. First install Xampp on your computer
4. Make sure (Apache and SQL services are running)
5. Create a directory under your C Drive > Xampp > htdocs > yourwebsite
6. Copy WordPress file to your website directory under C Drive > Xampp > htdocs > yourwebsite
7. Open http://localhost in your browser.
8. Click on top right side "Phpmyadmin"
9. Click on Databases
10. Enter name of your desired database and click on create
11. Once database is created.
12. Hit http://localhost/yourwebsite
13. Click on lets go
14. Provide required database name (Yourwebsite database that you have created in phpmyadmin)
15. Enter username as "root" without quites
16. Leave password field empty
17. Click on Submit
18. Provide your required site's detail like Name, Description, Username and password.
19 Fill out email address and click on Run.
20 Your setup is done
21. Click on login and provide your username and password that you have entered during set up.
22. We have used admin admin in this tutorial.
23. That's all you have done.

See below video for complete understanding.

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