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Complete Guide to set up a custom domain on Blogger

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Complete Guide to set up a custom domain on Blogger

Hello blogger users today i am going to write about setting a custom domain name with Blogger. Blogger is one of the awesome platform for those who can't invest in hosting that much. I have my personal experience that i have invested more than 100+K in order to get some money but somehow those site's can't get an Adsense account so i preferred to work with Blogger which is free and easy to use.

I had an experience with WordPress as well but blogger seems to be okay with all free features.

First of all you needs to create a blogger account which can be obtained by opening website https://blogger.com

Once you are done with setting up a blogger account create your first blog. Once blog is created see following screen.
I have already set up domain so when you will try to see there will be a text box which says to enter your domain name. Once you are done with entering your domain name you will see below screen.
In above screen it advise you to enter some records in your hosting server or domain server location. For Now i have GoDaddy to set up these CNAME record.
Open your Godaddy account, see below screenshot.
Click on your domain name and scroll down till you see below information about DNS
Click on Manage DNS and it will take you to Records screen, scroll down and Click on Add.

Enter record says www and point to ghs.google.com like in below screen.
Again click on add and select type CNAME and add record like below.

Save your record and return back to your blogger on below screen.

Click on Save and you are done. Access your website with specified domain and it works.

Common Issue here Nacked Domain Took you to 404. 

During Custom domain set up couple of people facing issue where blogger don't allow nacked domain to be entered it only allows you to enter domain with www.yourdomain.com in this case you need to perform following steps.

Add following A records in your hosting DNS Editor. Eg.

In the Host location, enter @ sign and in the Points To: location enter the first Google IP here:

Save it and then do the same thing 3 more times, adding these following IP addresses:

That's all you need to do... Happy blogging. 

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