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A guide to Boost WordPress speed and performance

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A guide to Boost WordPress speed and performance

A guide to Boost WordPress speed and performance

Around the world almost few sites has good speed and performance. Couple of needs improvement. As WordPress usage rate is too high so we will explain tips to improve performance and speed of wordpress if you have any site.

Studies show that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.

It means there is any reason why attention has been dropped to lower value. There could be couple of reasons i believe in 2000 there was limited material around the world for a specific topic however in last 10 Years everybody has access to provide content and helping solution has divided the human attention.

It could be Poor Quality of development site, Low speed, bad graphics, loading time which can lead humans to drop attention to 7 seconds.

How to Check Website Speed?

Now a days there are couple of tools available to test performance of your website however you can use following tools to test your website.

1. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/   This tool is provided by google and has good worth to test your website.

2. https://tools.pingdom.com/ PingDom is also one of the most useful tool to test your website and provide you results right away.

The good speed of website should have loading time under 2 seconds.

What are the reasons cause slowness of your website?

There will be thousands of suggestion available over the internet however we will explain only few and very important reasons which caused slowness of your website.

1. Web Hosting:
Your web hosting has a lot of impact on the speed of your website. I believe most of the users purchasing any local service provider and they don't have fully and flexible set up of servers and caused server slowness and which ultimately effects speed of your website.
Misconfiguration of server may also affect speed of your website.

2. WordPress Configurations
Wordpress configurations has good rule in speed of your website, make sure you have handled cache and other stuff, specially .htaccess things. Make sure you have set up some cache plugin most commonly in used W3 Super cache and Total Cache.

3. Page Size
Page size is one of the reason which cause loading slowness, so make sure your page is small and has images with low size.

4. Bad Plugins
We all are aware that WordPress has updates every time so you need to make sure the plugins you installed are compatible with the latest version of WordPress otherwise that may cause slowness of your website.

5. External Scripts
Many theme developers using external scripts to include it in their code that my cause slowness as well. External links could be in form of Ads, Fonts etc.

You need to perform following steps to increase performance of your website.

1. Make sure you have good hosting package with good speed
2. Install a Cache Plugin like W3 Super Cache
3. Optimize images for good speed

4. Make sure your WordPress is fully updated
5. Use Excerpts for loading the specific content instead of whole post text. 
6. Make sure on post load your comments are showing in pagination instead of loading all comments at once.
7. Use and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute load CDN.
8. Never upload videos on  your WordPress website however you can use YouTube embedded videos. If you will upload videos on your website upon streaming you will be charged also speed of your website will be affected.
9. Use themes compatible with Optimized for Speed.
10. Use light weight Slider Plugins.
11. Reduce External requests.
12. Reduce database calls and make sure are minimized
13. Limitize your post revisions and you can do it by entering following code in wp-config.php
define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 4 );
14. Disable HotLinking

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